Plant Biology & Biotechnology

Plant Biology & Biotechnology

Competencies and jobs

1 – Competencies

In a general, the PLANT-BIOLTECH Master program aims to give students a strong scientific background in molecular biology, biochemistry of secondary plant compounds, plant metabolism and physiology, plant genetics, plant development, plant interactions with the environment, modern approaches in biology (genomic, metabolomics, etc.) and statistics. More specifically, the PLANT-BIOLTECH students will:
  • Receive an up-to-date research-based training
  • Acquire scientific knowledge in various fields of Plant Biology and Biotechnology
  • Develop a conceptual understanding of the challenges of modern agricultural practices in a context of environmental constraints and increasing demand
  • Develop a conceptual understanding of the benefits and limits of modern biotechnology
  • Acquire the competencies to develop action planning processes for bioscience
  • Acquire adequate language competencies and practice in English and in at least one other language of the consortium
  • Demonstrate oral and written communication competencies
  • Develop the competencies required to work in international teams and networks
  • Acquire the ability to transfer competencies and knowledge to students and collaborators
  • Develop the ability to create, finance and manage a new start-up
  • Acquire an up-to date understanding of the industrial and economic environment in the Biotech sector

Plant biotechnology

2 – Jobs

PLANT-BIOLTECH students have received cutting edge trainings in plant molecular plant biology including omics strategies, genetics, epigenetics and epigenomics, plant development, plant physiology, plant metabolism, statistics and system biology and are therefore fully prepared to pursue academic opportunities at HEIs in divers aspects of Plant Biotechnology and Plant Sciences, or to join companies in this field.
  • Academic opportunities:  PLANT-BIOLTECH students can apply for doctorate studies in the fields of Plant SCience, Plant Biotechnology or Molecualr Biology and Genomics at Bordeaux (Bordeaux Doctorate School), in France, at any other partner universities of the international Master (U Tsukuba, PUC, etc) or at any other HEIs around the world. 
  • Jobs in companies: PLANT-BIOLTECH students have acquired the necessary competencies (languages, economic knowledge and communication competencies) and the scientific competencies required for posts in private companies. Depending on the students' chosen specialties, opportunities may be found in breeding companies (Maïsadour, Syngeta, etc.), companies specializing in vitro plant culture, the extraction and valorisation of natural plant products (Yves Rocher, Biolandes, LVMH, Silab), the development of sustainable agricultural practices (Invivio Biolande), or the quality and safety of food production, etc... UBx Master students have already been employed (on long-term and short-term contracts) in companies in which they have carried out their internships their internships (Maïsadour, Bayer Crops).