Plant Biology & Biotechnology

Plant Biology & Biotechnology

Plant Biology and Biotechnology


Green biotechnology is a rapidly expanding field that has been boosted during the last ten years by the unprecedented advances in the understanding of plant genome organization and of the molecular mechanisms governing plant growth and yield. Green Biotechnologies not only embrace transgenic and genome editing technologies, but also includes a diversified range of scientific approaches and practical applications that requires an in-depth knowledge of Plant Biology.

Aims of the pathway

The “Plant Biology and Biotechnology”  International Master pathway (PLANT-BIOTECH) will provide students with cutting-edge research-based training in Plant Sciences and Biotechnologies. The teaching includes the most up-to-date scientific advances in plant molecular biology including omics strategies, genetics, epigenetics and epigenomics, plant development, plant physiology, plant metabolism, statistics and system biology.
In addition to fundamental knowledge, students will develop specific competencies in their chosen fields of Green Biotechnology including transgenic plant production and genome editing use and policy, extraction of molecules of interest, conventional and advanced plant breeding, and the use of system biology to model crop production.
PLANT-BIOTECH aims to cover not only the varied technical aspects of plant biotechnology, but also to provide students with a balanced mix of interdisciplinary knowledge, skills and competencies based on a high-level research laboratory network.


Innovative and ambitious nature of the pathway

There is an increasingly urgent need to develop innovative technologies in plant biotechnology that can reduce our widespread dependency on fossil fuels while generating raw materials for food production, developing health-promoting bio-based products, and contributing to the breeding and creation of plant varieties that will comply with new agricultural constraints. PLANT-BIOTECH proposes an integrative approach to plant biotechnology that relies on fundamental plant knowledge and its applications to plant production including specific aspects of sustainable agriculture, in order to address these challenges.

The added value of the PLANT-BIOTECH program is based on bringing together complementary expertise in the fields of plant science and biotechnology, and on the strong connections with high-level international research laboratories and companies.

In addition, the second year of the PLANT-BIOTECH program provides an international one-year training course available to students with a BSc who have already completed the first year of a Master in any European or international University with majors in Plant Biotechnology, Genetics, Molecular Biology, or Biochemistry. Knowledge of plant sciences including plant physiology, plant metabolism and plant development although not mandatory is strongly advised.


Organization and Resources / Training Program

1 – Pathway Organization and Resources (including the team)

The PLANT-BIOTECH program,which is designed for a maximum cohort of 15 students, is specifically organized not only to allow students to specialize in the field of plant biotechnologies and also to acquire fundamental knowledge and a wide range of competencies in Plant Sciences, Scientific Communication, English and  Management.
From Year 2, the PLANT-BIOTECH program is international with all TUs devlivered in English. Diversified teaching and learning methods, including practical teaching, inverted classrooms, scientific seminars, oral and written reports as well as team work, have been developed by the highly motivated and dynamic teaching staff consisting of professors, associate professors and scientists specializing in diverse aspects of plant sciences and biotechnologies:  

2 – Training Program

Year 1 Semester 1 is common to all Master program pathways. The organizational structure can be consulted via the following link (Year 1 Semester 1 Biology, Agrosciences).

Year 1 Semester 2 (30 ECTS)
  • Year 1 Semester 2

Year 1 Semester 2 of the PLANT-BIOTECH pathway is designed to provide an up-to-date training in Plant Biotechnology and a diversified choice of TUs in a wide range of Plant Science fields. The Plant Biotechnology and English courses and a two-months long internship are mandatory. Students must select 2 additional TUs from the following list. Students are recommended to design their training program to suit their careers plans and to develop competencies in complementary Plant Science and Biotechnology fields. The training includes a two-month internship in Bordeaux or abroad that will give students their first experience of research.
For any additional information of the teaching units see organization of Master 1

Year 2 Semester 3 (30 ECTS)
  • Year 2 Semester 3

Year 2 Semester 3 of the PLANT-BIOTECH pathway will further develop student's competencies in Plant Biotechnology and allow them to specialize in their chosen aspects of Plant Sciences. Plant Biotechnology, Project Design and English are mandatory. In addition, students must choose two units from the list proposed in the AGROSCIENCE Master. For the international PLANT-BIOTECH pathway, students are strongly recommended to choose these 2 TUs from the options taught in English: Plant and Cell Metabolism, Plant Development and Reproduction, Breeding or the Molecular Basis of Plant Microbe Interactions.