Double diploma with Tsukuba University

Double diploma with Tsukuba University

Double Diploma with University of Tsukuba

At the University of Bordeaux, the Master Program in Biology AgroSciences aims to provide our students with academic and research competencies and transform them in highly trained professionals with excellent research abilities and abundant fundamental knowledge principally based on plant breeding, plant pathology, plant biotechnology, agro food production & innovation, and plant & health benefits.
 Students with international competencies have better job prospects when they graduate. In the new global bioeconomy, millions of cross-border relationships are developing in all sectors of the bioeconomy. Businesses of every size are being transformed – from large international biotechnology compagnies to small local firms in your hometown.
All kinds of employers are purchasing goods and services from around the world, and they are asking their employees to work online with people located in other countries. This story is true also for agrobusinesses. A new workforce is emerging to manage these relationships, and its members have a new currency – a clearly definable set of "international work competencies."  
Besides the French- language program, we also offer the " International Biology AgroSciences" English-language program which aims to develop international competencies.  
A double degree program in global food security with University of Tsukuba (Japan) create opportunities for students to gain more international experiences in food security, develop their communicationcompetencies, and become global leaders.


University of Tsukuba

The Master's Program in Agro-Bioresources Science and Technology at Tsukuba University aims to produce researchers and highly trained professionals with excellent research competencies and abundant knowledge that is fundamental to the Agro-Bioresources Science and Technology field; principally based on agronomy, biological sciences, environmental sciences, environmental engineering, applied chemistry, biotechnology and social sciences for agriculture and forestry.


Video Introduction to the University of Tsukuba


How to apply

Students must successfully complete their first year in Bordeaux Biology AgroSciences.
During the first semester of Master 1, students must indicate their wish to participate in this exchange program to a  teaching team member. At the end of the first semester, an interview in English before a jury composed of teaching team members is then organized . This interview aims to specify the motivation, the personal abilities to live abroad, and the level of English to follow the courses.
The selected students will pass a second interview with a Japanese jury in video conferencing.
The successful candidates will continue their second year at the University of Tsukuba (Japan) by following the courses of the Agro-Bioresources Science and Technology Program.
At the end of the second year, students who have passed their exams will obtain a double diploma with that of the Master Biology AgroScience of the University of Bordeaux and a second diploma corresponding to the Master of World Food Security of the University of Tsukuba.