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Our program is based on an integrated multidisciplinary approach that is in tune with the realities of research and the scientific need of compagnies.

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Bordeaux Biology AgroSciences Master (B2AS)

The Bordeaux Biology AgroSciences Master  (B2AS) program is based on an integrated multidisciplinary approach that is in tune with the realities of research (background research) and socioeconomic issues (professional courses). Its goal is to train researchers and professionals to meet the challenges facing agriculture in the 21st century by integrating plant biotechnology in order to meet the challenges of innovation in agriculture.

Through its integrated approach, the Master B2AS program is seeking to become a focal point for professionals and academics. During the course, students can specialize either in the fields of Plant Biology, Biotechnology, Plant Pathology, Mycology, Plant Breeding, Genetics, Plant and Human Health Benefits, Food Production and Innovation.

The programme also allows students to complete their second year abroad (Japan, Taiwan, Chile) or even to integrate an international Master's degree in the field of Agro BioMedical.

Please note that Master 1 is taught in French! A B2 level in French is required.
Master 2 is taught in English (B2 level required).

Programmes & employment opportunities

The Bordeaux Biology AgroSciences Master (B2AS)  offers a strong research based training combined with rapid professionel immersion into preparation for careers in six major plant sectors :

The B2AS Master is part of the University of Bordeaux Master program and is developed with the support of the French National Institute for Agronomy (INRAE) and the Bordeaux AgroScience Engineering School.

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