Agro-Food Production & Innovation

Agro-Food Production & Innovation

Agro-Food Production & Innovation

The aim

The aim of the training program Agro-Food Production and Innovation training program is to help students to achieve their professional goals by providing  advanced-level training in the specific fields of production management and food process engineering.  The training program also covers the fields of quality management systems and methodology in research and development dedicated to agri-food industries. 


Agen, 140 km from Bordeaux.
This training program can be followed in a traditional manner or our students can spend alternate periods in an industrial company and at the University (cycle of several weeks in an agro-industry followed by several weeks at our University).

Agro food production & innovation


Agro food production & innovationProfessional opportunities and competencies acquired

  • Make rational choices in science strategies and food process engineering and manufacturing.
  • Learn how to define a production strategy and implement it by adopting a methodology that is adapted to the agri-food industries.
  • Lead a research and development process for a product or a new process.
  • Establish and implement experimental protocols on new processes.
  • Manage a production system and a team of production operations.
  • Optimize the operation of processing methods in order to improve product quality or to improve productivity.
  • Adapt the concept of quality assurance to design and / or improve a company's quality system in the commissioning of a food product component.

Employment opportunities

  • Food production manager
  • Food quality engineer
  • Food industry manager
  • Food industry project manager
  • Food industry engineer

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Training modules of the program Agro-Food Production and Innovation.
Agro food production & innovation
Agro food production & innovation