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Two Master students at the Tsukuba Summer School 2016

Two Master students at the Tsukuba Summer School 2016

My name is Alice Destailleur, i'm 22 years old and I've just finished my first master year in plant's biology and biotechnologies. I'm graduated from a biochemistry Bachelor at Toulouse university where I studied before coming to Bordeaux. I have chosen this master program because of the pedagogic program which is focus on the project's management and the development of our reflexion. 

An other great advantage is its association with the research center INRA, that gives me the possibility to be immersed in the research world and give me a projection of my future. Next year, I choose to continue with the Agro-science Master and I have selected the speciality plant's biology and biotechnology. At the end I would like to continue with a PhD to concretize my dream to work in research.

In the context of the partnership between our Master and Tsukuba university, the pedagogic team gives us the opportunity to apply for a summer school in July in Tsukuba (Japan) for two weeks. Following an interview based on my motivations, I have been selected to participate to this exchange program as well as others students from Brazil, Indonesia, Scotland, Taiwan, USA, and Vietnam. During two weeks, I will take part in research and I choose the plant's pathology lab to study the interaction between plant's and microbes. We will also attend to cultural talks to discover Japanese culture, special lectures and excursions to get the most of this program. At the end we will have a presentation session to talk about our results. 

For me it's a great opportunity both professionally as well as personally. First of all, it's an opportunity to exchange with people from the research world that have an other vision and an other way of working. It's a wealth to construct our reflexion with different influences. Second of all, this program could be the mean to interact with the other students from Japan and from other countries and build relationships that will be useful and rewarding for my future. 

On the personal plan it's also the opportunity to learn more about the Japanese culture, and it's the occasion to develop my adaptability with another culture and also a way to practice and improve my English considering that I would like to work abroad in my future. I hope that it is the beginning of a long experience in research ! 

I'm looking forward to be there and i'm also very proud to represent our master and also Bordeaux university on the international scene!

Alice Destailleur

My name is Camille Obert, I am 22 years old and I am currently in Master 1 Plant’s Biology and Biotechnologies at Bordeaux University.
After my bachelor, I made one year in biology preparatory class (CPGE BCPST) and then two years at Aix-Marseille University where I obtain my graduation in Biology of Organisms and Evolutions.
During these three years, I discover plant biology and biotechnology. Burning issues of agriculture lead to use new tools to bring effective and innovative solutions. Plant selection and breeding are one of these tools and this is why I decide to study plant biotechnology, and this is why I selected Bordeaux University and more precisely Agroscience Master.
During my first year of master, I learn a lot about biotechnology and their applications, and so support my choice to continue in this way.
Studding conditions are conducive to personal development thanks to immersion in INRA and ISVV during the two months of internship, and also thanks to the intervention of competent and qualified professors.
Team spirit and team work are essential values of Master, during this year, projects and other works enable us to improve our communication skills. This is still with this in mind that the master offers a summer school of two weeks in Japan, in the Tsukuba University. I have the chance to be selected for this summer and integrate a laboratory. This is a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity to discover another culture and country, but also another way of thinking in research. Moreover, I will interact with other students from all over the word.
I choose the laboratory of Olericulture and Floriculture because I feel very concerned by the research topics of this laboratory, the use of biotechnology to produce innovative crops or to understand the control of many mechanisms.
This summer school will be a great experience in my life and I am in a hurry to discover this wonderful country.

Camille Obert